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Salad Plot C:
One of the 30 Garden Plots Included in One Magic Square

Spring and Summer

Salad Plot C

In early spring, dig the square with well-rotted manure and compost and set up a tub or large pot for patty pan squash. In late winter rake in B&B and sow two pinches of lettuce seed as in Salad Plot A. Sow a few pak choy seeds and a few perennial spinach seeds in two opposite corners. Make three diagonal drills connecting the other two corners, sowing the middle one with onion seeds 2 inches apart, and the other two with carrot seeds every 1/2 inch. Don't get the ruler out, just sprinkle between finger and thumb. Cover with 1/2 inch of soil, tamp down with a flat hand. Sow two patty pan seeds in a pot and raise in a protected position—the kitchen sill is fine—until all danger of frost is over and plants can go into the tub or large pots.

When lettuces are 2 inches high, transplant them about 4 inches apart. Plug in compost as mulch between plants. Plug in a dozen mustard seeds between plants. Pick outer leaves of lettuces, pak choy leaves and flowers, and spinach. Pick mustard leaves from the bottom up; also use in soups and stir-fries. Pick some onion greens and the biggest tufted carrots.

A mustard plant

Mustard can be picked young for adding to salads, or used in stir-fries when bigger, dug in for green manure before flowering, or grown on for mustard seed production.

“Now that the seed of many old-fashioned varieties is procurable, everyone can find a favorite pumpkin, although the Queensland blue and the Chianti-bottle-shaped butternut will deservedly remain favorites for their sturdy flesh and keeping qualities.”

—from Part III: The Magic Square Plots